Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Trunk Show - for everything wedding and more

It is open and worth a visit. So many amazing  wedding clothes for all the family and also  everything you need for a wedding setting.  There are also pieces that I personally will be using a round my SL home so even if you are not into weddings it is still worth going over

Friday, 18 August 2017

No Way Home

No turning back, I'm gonna live here forever
There's no way home, no way home
Burn my eyes out, we're facing the weather
There's no way home, no way home
We're alive, soul survive
Trip on the footprints that we've left behind
Realising now, there's no way home

earrings & necklace - Moon by Oppa @ The Coven

hair with head chain & scarf - Shahrazad by Spellbound @ Enchantment

nails - 012 bento by PL @ Enchantment

outfit - Jazmine by Sweet Lies @ Enchantment

pose - The Oriana Series @ An Lar

mesh head applier - Vanessa @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Mixed@ DeeTaleZ

lips  -Natural Gloss Roses @ DeeTaleZ

eyeshadow - Lurid @ Veechi

mesh head - Catwa Lona / mesh body - Maitreya Lara

Invitation to Riot

Staring - ZenCho Balhaus

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable. - Mark Twain

I found this wonderful, as I call it, Invitation to Riot dress today at the Rewind event. Whilst I was taking this picture, the quote above popped into my head.

head - Catwa Lona / body - Maitreya Lara

Skin and appliers - :[P]:- Farore Skin (Femme)://Numinu - was at Indee Teepee event

Hair - [LCKY] Ghost - Rewind event

Dress - {le fil casse] Siouxsie - Rewind event

Choker - #Foxy -Wide Velvet Choker Monster

Shoes - : CULT : Barb Wire Heel

Hand Jewlery - Astraila - Skeleton Hand

Eyeshadow - #adored - banshee shadows - siouxsie edition - Rewind Event

Lipstick - Veechi - Glitter Lipstick Catwa/ Vampy #10 (old Gacha item)

Pose - FOXCITY. Show Off - 4

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Arabian Nights

Enchantment is  open and it is as magical as ever. I do adore events with themes rather than just a random thing. After all if I want to see random I can walk down the High Street in RL but in SL I want the magic. I want the fun,  to dream, to explore, to dress in ways I never would dare. Enchantment creates that for me. 

dress - Noor by The Annex @ Enchantment

headdress  - Esther by Shanghai @ Enchantment

lashes - Esther - by Shanghai @ Enchantment

pose - Arabian Nights by Elephante Poses  @ Enchantment

hair - Perfect Places @ Exile

mesh head applier - Vanessa @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Mixed@ DeeTaleZ

mesh head - Catwa Lona / mesh body - Maitreya Lara

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Oh sweetie, Monsters are real and they look like people

I think I would rather like in a tent than live with someone abusive, I grew up with crazy but now I don't have to. I am bless, I have a husband that loves me but not everyone is so lucky. I was reminded of this after chatting with a friend in SL,  she  went through the ' SL relationship isn't cheating on my marriage' stage. Her husband knew all about it, she never hide it from him  and he never seemed to care. Ended up, that was because it gave him space to cheat on her more than he was. When her Sl partner left, RL shit ht the fan . Long story short - she is divorced after alot of abuse, bought her own home that is small but beautiful and more important,  safe. Looking back she can see that the SL relationship was just filling a gap she was afraid to face. 
Some will jump in and say to even  hangout with an other can be emotional cheating, others play the whole family SL thing while their partner is sitting watching telly. All I will say is watch out, is it a fun escape or are you hiding from the real picture. 

all funishing - Makeshift Refudge @ Death Row Designs

boots - Fisher @

socks - layered Argyle @ The Annex

top n pants - Febe@ C'est La Vie

necklace - Valentina @ Max Gossamer

earrings - Lunar by Peaches @ The Coven

eyebrows - Dune by The Skinnery @ Enchantment

hair - Bianca @ Wasabi Pills

bindi - Festival by Warpaint @ The Coven

mesh head applier - Vanessa @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ

tattoo - Nermir @ Aurica Store

all makeup @ Veechi

mesh head - Catwa Lona / mesh body - Maitreya Lara

Monday, 14 August 2017

My Darling

"My darling, I don't ever want you to leave me
My darling, you and me were meant to be together
My darling, and if I cannot have you no one can,
You're my darling, cause I possess your soul, your mind, your heart, and your body."

pose & prop  - Magic Wand - by Fashiowl @ The Coven

gown - Evening Artemis by Oubliette @ The Coven

hair - Alexa @ Wasabi Pills

mesh head applier - Agatha by DeeTaleZ @ Uber

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTalez

mesh body - Maitreya Lara/ mesh head - Catwa Lona 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Strike A Pose

I don't wear my Akeruka head much because I don't have many skins to wear with it and I  find myself always wearing Catwa and LeLutka.  Today is different, that is because  DeeTaleZ released a skin for this head and  it also came with a shape. Shapes make a difference again in SL.  '
On other news, the sun is shinning and I was chatting with a friend from Devon,  a place I lived for a while. I always  miss the sea but now I miss it more. I could see the marina from my apartment  and wish I could go for a walk along there today. 

mesh head - Valeria @ Akeruka

shape - Basic 1 for AK Bento  @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head applier - Ashley @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ

hair - Just Another Night by Exile @ C88

top, pants, clutch, necklace, glasses, shoes (not seen)  - Inez - by Hilly Haalan @ Designer Showcase

pose - Boho Dreams @ Black Tulip

Friday, 11 August 2017

Girl & Her Horse

 I have been lagging the hell out of places today and I am not even sorry about it. I  rode my horse all day, even when shopping. I would have loved to learn to  horse ride in RL but it was just something that was never possible. So I guess I will just have to live out this wish in SL, or until I win the lotto !

horse - Western Quarter Horse @ Water Horse

fancy mane - Country by Jinx @  TLC

tattoo - Country Chic by Carol G @ TLC

outfit - Clementine by The Annex @ Flawless Cart Sale

boots & socks - Goldie @

hair - Terryn @ Elikatira

hat - Romy  @ C'est La Vie

mesh head applier - Agatha by DeeTaleZ @ Uber

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTalez

mesh head - Cate @ LeLutka

mesh body - Lara Maitreya

Basic Pleasure

Staring - ZenCho Balhaus
One of my favourite films of all time is Blade Runner, I think I have every version going on DVD and a Video Tape Box set. Its a film I never tire of watching, and the soundtrack by Vangelis is just beautiful. I am excited to see the new reboot that is due out in October, but I am also scared, that a brilliant format will be ruined...its the old adage of if it ain't broke don't fix it I guess.

Anyway here is ZennyRose (ZenCho Balhaus) in her homage to Blade Runner...This amazing look which is an Arcade Gacha prize from Violent Seduction..went well with the theme of a Basic Pleasure Model

head - Catwa Lona / body - Maitreya Lara

Skin - Lumae : Ella Catwa - T1 Milk/Bare

Ears - BentBox Sylvan Ears

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tsukasa hair - Hairology

Outfit - Violent Seduction - Erebus @ Arcade Gacha (old)

Nails - [FORMALNAILS] NAILS - SKULL - Bento - Maitreya - MP Purchase

Hand Jewellery - **RE** Raven Rings Maitreya Bento -MP Purchase

Backdrop - /anxiety/ Eleven - The Chapter Four

Pose - XXY - Fae Pack - The Chapter Four

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Vintage Is My Heart

I  love many different styles in SL, I love to change daily. I have no problem with everything changing and showing skin in an edgy  post. One thing pulls at my heart as soon as I see it and that is vintage. Anything with that true vintage feel and I and all over it. I do love how this vintage style dress has been vamped up with the lace.  
I bought this dress and a few things over at TLC, it has just opened and one off those events I love going to each month .

hair - Clara @ Elikatra

dress  - Eloise by Belle Epoque @ TLC

pose - Jolle @ An Lar

eyeshadow - Dottie @ Veechi

mesh head applier - Agatha by DeeTaleZ @ Uber

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTalez

mesh head - Cate @ LeLutka

mesh body - Lara Maitreya

Monday, 7 August 2017

Never Talk Before Coffee

There is a rule in my house that no one speaks to me before coffee. While this rule is obeyed everything runs well. First mug and I make phone calls to places that need to be awake for but, if need be, a little blunt. Then I get my second mug and I deal with all the things I want to be be sorted and nice to others while doing it. I get business done daily this way. 
I am still sorting my Hive house I won on the gacha , I liked this kitchen I had before so I jiggled things about adn got it to fit in. There is clutter pieces that come with it but I wanted something more to make it feel different. Then Little Llama released a new gacha and it is all a bout coffee. It is like she  read my mind. I have a few bits off it places and more  will follow.  This gacha is worth playing as the commons will be great for anyone with even the smallest SL  home.
I have been wearing this dress  and the rest for a few days now while running around SL  working.
I might make this my 'go to' outfit when I need to just be dressed and sorting out work stuff, I feel happy in this, funny how SL clothes makes RL change

house @ daisy cottage @ Hive

kitchen items - Rustic Kitchen  @ DaD

pictures/ mugs/ kettle/ coffeepot - Brain Fuel @ Little Llama

sandals - Edie by @ K9

hair - Jeniah by Elikatira @ faMESHed

dress - Alice by KiB Designers @ Designer Showcase

mesh head applier - Agatha by DeeTaleZ @ Uber

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTalez

pose - Daisy Bell @ Elephante Poses

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


I lost many years in a cage,
a chained soul 
and a tied tongue to match.
Now freedom flows
like liquid flight in my veins
and I soar honestly.
Met with love or hate,
I will not hold back,
I will not go back
to that prison

necklace - Vallari @ Maxi Gossamer

hair - Mae @ Iconic

ears - comes with Salem hair @ Beusy

whiskers - Kittie by Arise @Shiny Shabby

mesh head applier - Agatha by DeeTaleZ @ Uber

mesh body applier - Mediterra @ DeeTalez

eyes - Witch @ DeeTalez

Lashes - Kitty @ DeeTalez

eyeshadow - Cartoon @ Veechi

freckles - Foil @ Veechi

mesh head  Catwa Lona/ mesh body Maitreya Lara

I Am Working - Honest I Am

So I am going over blogger apps this morning and making sure I have the amount I need. It is so hard because most of them are better than me yet I can only take in so many and reject the rest. I was meant to click on my sofa and sit down while doing this but I clicked the rug instead and began to dance and decided to keep on going.
I won a new house while  visiting Hive, I got lucky and won it on the second click. It has a  vintage shabby feel to it that I like. I decided to pull up all my things and change my SL home. This is as far as  got.

mirror @ [ETNIA]

fireplace @ Birch

house @ daisy cottage @ Hive

snake plant @ Hive

table - @ Little Llama

butterflies @ Hive

TV @ Les Sucreries de Fairy

bird & stand @  HEXtraordinary

rug @ [ zerkalo ]

sandals - Aquinnah @

dress - Maju by C'est La Vie @ The Stage:Mysterious Forest

hair - Rosalinda @ enVOGUE

mesh head applier - Summer @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body - Maitreya Lara / mesh head - Catwa Lona